Congratulations! Thank you for choosing Moon House Salon to be a part of your big day. We are  honored to have been selected to beautify you on your wedding day! Please feel free to call or email us with any questions or inspirations as you move closer to saying "I Do". We look forward to working with you!

Bridal Information

Bride’s Name:

Alternate Contact:

(If Bride is not making arrangements)

Contact Phone #:

Contact Email:

Wedding Date:

Location of Event:

Time of Event:

Desired Start Time:

Time Everyone Must be Done by:

Number of People Getting Hair Done (including Bride): ________ Number of Updo’s: ________

Number of Blowouts: ________ Number of Make Up Applications ____________

Number of Children Under 10: ________


The Bride must please confirm and commit to the number of services stated above, as well as go over the style definitions with the wedding party prior to the contract commitment. _____ (initials)

Deposit total: ____$250________ Bride Initials: _______ Stylist Initials: _______

Approximate Quote of total services: _____________________________

50% of total cost of services:_____________  Bride initials:__________ Stylist initials:_______________


Signature: _______________________________

Credit Card Information

Credit Card Type:_____________________     Name on Credit Card: _______________________________________

Credit Card Number: _____________________________________ Expiration Date: _______________________  


Should you cancel within 30 days before your wedding, the  $250 deposit will not be refunded and 50% of the committed total will be charged to your credit card.  Should an emergency occur so last minute that no stylist can be made available, all fees will be refunded.

The Bride agrees to pay in full on the day of the wedding. If party is paying individually, please have payments collected prior to completion of services. Cash and Check payments can be accepted individually, but only ONE credit card transaction can be made.



“I, ___________________________________ the Bride (print name) understand and agree to all the conditions stated in this contract.”

Bride: _____________________________________ Date:______________________ Stylist:_____________________________________ Date:______________________