Congratulations on your BIG day!!! Thank you for taking the time to look into our bridal portfolio and for considering Moon House to help bring your bridal looks and inspirations to life. Below is some information and answers to commonly asked questions. Please feel free to email us at for pricing or any further questions that we haven't answered below.

Trials vs Consultation

Consultations are always welcomed and complimentary. We look forward to seeing your vision board and hearing every detail of  the picture you paint of your ideal day. This is the best way to work through the intricacies of the personality of you and your(s) day, and will allow us to  thoroughly match your vision.

Trials are set up to fully create the look that you want for your wedding hair and/or make up in a scheduled appointment prior to your wedding day .  Trial costs are separate from wedding prices, as this is an optional service that not everyone sees necessary, and therefore not included. We are happy to try/perfect some of your favorite looks for both hair and make up.  Trials are an hour for hair, or, one hour thirty minutes / two hours for hair and make up. They are the same price as that of your wedding day.


Wedding Hair Styles Defined

Updo: Use of any flatiron, curling iron, braiding, rollers, half-updo and/or bobby pins. Even if individual would like hair down, if it requires any of the above, it will be considered and up-do and charged as such.

Blowout: Hairstyles only using a blowdryer and brush(es) will be considered a blowout. Hair can be damp (not soaking wet).  

Day Of Logistics

Every person getting their hair done as defined as an updo must have their hair already blown dry, the stylist(s) will not allow time for this (unless previously consulted upon 

prior to the wedding day) If you prefer clean, fresh hair; please have it washed and dried that morning and ready to be styled. If you prefer day old and beyond hair, that is workable as well. IF such a case arises that a wash or blow-dry is required, the stylist will charge extra (if time permits) If you have curly hair and want a straight haired updo, hair must be straightened and dried prior to service, unless otherwise factored into time and cost of service. we can further discuss any details during consultation.

The bride or planner must confirm and commit to the number of services stated above.  It is strongly suggested that the Bride goes over the style definitions/pricing prior with the wedding party so there are no surprises on the day of. This is such a fun and important part of the day, it's better to get the details out of the way ahead of time so that you can relax and enjoy. This also contributes to a smooth and effortless process.

Another stylist/assistant  will be brought on to help to have everyone ready in a timely manner with parties larger than Four.  An additional rate of $100 would apply.

It can be really helpful to have images beforehand of what style each person wants prior, if known to them. We welcome any images/inspirations that can be sent via text or email. This is extremely helpful in prepping my assistant (if required) in making the day run more smooth and efficiently.

  • If you are getting your make up done and have sensitivities, or brand preferences of creams, foundations or products,  You are welcome to bring them and we can apply them for you.

  • Please note that we will apply lip color in your make up application, but do not have samples to send you away with on your wedding day, so you will need to have a color of your own to re-apply throughout the evening. We are happy to offer recommendations at our make up consultation of where you can go to purchase  a color that best fits you and your occasion.

Travel Fees:


There will be an on location fee of $100 for us to come to you on your wedding day.  This fee will be applied for 15 miles and under. No travel fees apply to get ready at Moon House. Any travel that is required for  15+miles outside of the Denver / Boulder area (including the mountains) will be determined upon Consultation

  • Please note that we do not travel to location for a total less than $600. (Ex: 1 bride  hair and make up + 2bridesmaids hair and make up on site gets you to that number for reference)

 There will be a $250 deposit required to secure the date of the wedding as well as a signed contract.  Once the contract is signed, if there is a cancellation within 30 days of the wedding date, one half of the committed total amount will be charged to the card number given.  Should the stylist have an emergency that prevents him/her from performing services as agreed last minute, a refund would be made.

The Bride agrees to pay in full on the day of the wedding. If party is paying individually, please have payments collected prior to completion of services. Individual payments can be cash or check , but there can only be ONE credit card transaction in total.


Please feel free to contact us with any further questions or inquiries. We would be honored to be a part of your magical day, in bringing your bridal vision to fruition.  Thank you for your time and consideration.



Moon House